A blog is an integral part of a content strategy and a way to connect with your customers and create awareness about your brand. Once you have the necessary ingredients for your strategy, the next phase is to drive people to your blog. To be honest, this is never an easy task to do. There are many ways that you can use to get this done. Here are a few ways to help you to get the maximum benefit from your content strategy and make sure that your blog gets you the profits. Also, it helps you achieve your goals. You can do this by using many ways and techniques. Here are a few ways to boost the traffic of your blog. But first, let’s have a quick look at some of the facts about blogging and what makes this so important.

  • Many people who are professional bloggers have no idea about marketing their posts. They don’t have the slightest idea about ways they can market their posts. They seem to lack knowledge about the right steps to build the right relationships.
  • As a result of a major growth in the recent years, more than 250 million blogs are hovering the cyberspace as of now.
  • More than 50 percent of the blog posts that exist today get less than 10 shares. Less than 50 percent of the blog posts marketed by professionals receive interactions that are not adequate. This means that get around 10 interactions to be exact.
  • This makes less than 1 percent of articles get 1000 shares.


With such alarming stats, there is a dire need for people to understand the dynamics of the ever-changing market and get an understanding of the ways that can increase traffic on your blogs. Look at the following tips, tricks, and strategies that can help you drive traffic on your blogs and make the most of your writing efforts.


Keep Your Audience In Mind While Writing

To make sure your target audience lands on your blog, it is very important that you know who they are. This is one of the most important aspects of your blog. If you are writing without knowing or identifying what your audience needs you might not be able to get the attention that you should. There is a very easy way to know what your audience needs and how you can keep your audience in mind. The secret ingredient to do this, ask them what they are struggling with their lives, career or any other aspect of their lives. To get information on that, you can create a poll on your social media profile, get in touch with them via an email or via an email survey. You can also get feedback on ways your brand can solve their problems and get them a solution. So you can use your problem-solving skills and get to the bottom of this using your blog topic. This is how you are making a space for yourself or your brand. This is going to make you and your brand to become a relevant entity they can turn to. This act of creating relevance amidst your target audience is one of the cardinal aspects that are going to get your blog a lot of traffic.


Post On Your Social Media Platforms On A Frequent Basis

People tend to share their blog posts using their social media profiles. But do you post your stuff once or do you post it on a continuous basis where you think it is relevant to do so?  You should consider this fact that people who use social media rarely go to the main page to stay updated with the content that you post. Instead of that, they try to discover updates that arrive in their newsfeed. This is the reason that makes discovering your blog to be visible to such users on a convenient and easy basis. For instance, you have written a post about a product that you launched recently. Make sure that you amplify the post not only on a single social media platform. You can create a post once and then schedule to get posted one another time.  This is going to make your post visible for users and they see it whenever you post it.


Make Sure Your Team Has Guest Writers

It is a good practice to write your own posts. Apart from that, it is a good practice that you can use another source of writers who might be able to contribute more to your blog. If you are writing a post and you will promote that on your social media platform or on your website or emails.  A guest writer will further on your thoughts and would contribute to your blog as well. This is going to help you with the promotional efforts you will be needing. Ask a teammate if they want to write to your blog as well.  This is one of the easiest ways to set up a topic and get them a topic to write.


Don’t Stop Feeding Your Blog With Content

It is important for people who want to make their blogs profitable that they should never stop writing for the blog. When you are injecting content into your blog, it is like making a hefty investment money in a business. The results you will get are like the interest you get on that investment. One can write a blog on a regular basis. Let’s say after every week while keeping it relevant and maintaining the high-quality. This will contribute towards the growth of your blog.


Select A Relevant And Engaging Topic

Make sure that you write on an interesting topic that can help you get more traffic and get a boost on the traffic. For instance, there is a movie that became a hit at the American Box Office. People will start searching for things related to the movie. For instance, they go for:


  • Kind of technology used in the movie
  • Stunts performed in the movie
  • The fitness exercises the characters had to go through to get the perfect body shape for the movie.

If you are going to write on such topics, you are going to let relevancy do the magic and drive more traffic on your blog. Keywords research is necessary before writing as it provides the detailed report for estimated traffic for the post. You can use various keywords like Cox cable. etc.

Getting the relevant topic for your blog is a long process. The more relevant stuff you are going to post on your blogs, the more interest it is going to build in the reader’s mind. This is going to result in an engaging post and a blog that has a tremendous traffic on it.