Are you in business? What type of internet connection do you have? If you are in a business that heavily relies on the speed of the internet connection, having a fixed line is the best option. But first, you should go out of your way and do some research, there are plenty of consultancy companies that can help you understand what type of leased line technology you need.

Don’t suffer from a slow connection. If anything, the standard copper line has never offered fast internet. When you come to think about it, a leased line is the best option for you. You get exclusive access to the bandwidth you need without having to worry about buffering during peak hours.

But just how will you understand what type of leased line technology you need? While at it, try checking the leased line speed. The following are tips to guide you through:

The Simple Test

  • Take your laptop and connect it directly to the router supplied by the leased line provider you are working with. It is advisable to run this test after the close of business to be sure there aren’t any staff using the internet connection.
  • Search for a leased line testing tool online. You will find quite a number you can work with. Click on the speed test option and start the test.

The Longer Test

  • Call your current leased line provider and ask them to make a schedule for a speed test. Since they are in business, they will for sure help handle your issues.
  • This is what the leased line provider will do when they come to your premises. They will take their end it the leased line and connect it to a laptop running a network testing tool such as iperf.
  • At the same time, you will also be required to connect a laptop with a similar speed testing tool to your end of the leased line.
  • The tests to be performed will be repeated over a number of sessions. They are coordinated in such a way that while one laptop acts as a server, the other is the client. Don’t use just any laptop. The machines should essentially have Network Interface Cards that are fast enough.

However, it is the nature of work you do in your office that will determine the type of leased line you need. It is important to understand that leased lines are all fibre-optic in nature. The difference between various types only come in terms of the internet speed.

After testing the leased line speed, you need to find out the people using the internet in your office and why. If you have many connections in the office, then you clearly need a leased line with a higher speed. If some of the workers play online video games at lunch break, a slow leased line just won’t suffice.

To understand what type of leased line technology you need, find out how much of the following takes place in your business:

  • Basic email and browsing which can work with a slow leased line.
  • Standard quality video streaming which needs a slightly higher speed.
  • High-definition video and streaming multiple videos which need much higher speeds.

The thing you need to learn from this is that the type of work that goes on in your office has a huge influence on the type of leased line technology you need.