It is true that social media websites are most effective and powerful platform to sell products as there are a large number of people who are running their e-commerce business without having an e-commerce website. Most of them provide cash on the delivery facility to their customers. There are many social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The only thing to sell products on social media is to choose the right product and to promote it in a right way.


Create A Fan Page:

In social media marketing, a fan page plays a role of your online store. People visit fan pages to review available products and to purchase it. Social media page should be well designed and having a large number of subscribers to get the posting successfully share among the people. Social engagement can be done with paid campaigns using ads online tools.  You can also use third-party tools to monetize your page engagement and can connect your various profiles in one platform. Using such tools, all you have to do is to design a post and publish it once. The posts get published in all the social media profiles automatically. These third-party tools can also be used to run paid campaigns for all the profiles. Some of the social media third-party tools are Buffer, Sendible, MavSocial, Unsplash, and Canva. These tools are paid on monthly basis but it can minimize the time spent to get work done.


How to Get Conversions From Postings:

Postings are the only way to sell products online by providing people to review and to purchase it. All you have to do is to create the eye-catching design of the post with a picture of product which should of high quality. The complete information of the product is also necessary. The prices are the main point that converts the visitors into the successful sale. All of these things should be necessary to run a successful campaign.


Social Engagement of Fan Page:

For a new page, it is needed that the page should be promoted with the paid campaign until and unless it should get at least 20k followers. Daily posting is also necessary which should keep people to like and to share the existing posts so that other people can also review it and like the fan page. Once a page gets a large number of subscribers there is no need to run paid campaigns as a post can be easily promoted among the people itself.


Messages and Reply:

Once people review the product they will definitely contact the fan page to learn more about the product. They can directly comment on the post or can contact personally. The response timings also play an imperative role in the conversions. The good response rate should be within five minutes in maximum.

There are the numbers of Facebook-based online stores which quickly answer to their customer’s query for the better relationship and to increase sales. For this purpose, a fan page owner should have to hire an SEO services Karachi company that can give a response to the customer’s query for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Delivery of Products:

The products should be delivered within three days at maximum from the date of placement of order and should receive money on cash of delivery basis. There are the large numbers of Courier Company that offers the delivery services at very affordable prices. The delivery charges must be charged by customers. The best practice to run an online store is to hire a company that can deliver products on time and charges affordable prices that a customer can easily pay. A great research on google is necessary to find such companies.