Practice makes one perfect but what happens when all that practice goes into a dump just because no one seeks your perfection? Why is that lousy dentist co-worker more successful than you? S/he didn’t get better grades nor has the same level of professionalism as you – so what attracts the masses towards their clinic rather than yours?

The answer to that, dear doctor, is probably because you are practicing too much by the book rules. Get out of the definite traditional patterns leaving everything on whoever comes – just comes. No, you need to drive traffic towards yourself and you need to do that in the least desperate of ways. Here are a few tips to help you grow this year!

Mix Marketing

Don’t go about marketing and branding your work using just one medium. Marketing itself is growing every second of the day so why shouldn’t your ways be more adaptive as per the changing times? Use all three types of media;

  1. Print
  2. Digital
  3. BroadCast

This way your reach won’t be dependent on a particular media nor would it cater a targeted audience. You can literally target every and anyone. For this purpose, you need good service providers like att bundles to keep you company. They are reasonable and have great quality services as well.

Get Recognized

Start your own blogs or vlogs on oral health. Take Dr. Milad Shadrooh as an example and use your talents to gain more recognition. Dr. Shadrooh aka the singing dentist makes parodies on different songs and relates them to oral health one way or another. If he would have made the parodies as just any other human and separated his career from his videos – he might not have been this famous.

He used a good idea and now everyone knows him at a global level. Do something like that for yourself as well.

Loyalty Cards

Start giving our loyalty cards to your regular patients. Give them preference over other clients to make them feel important. This would help you create a buzz in your area as a word of mouth kind of a marketing technique. People tend to listen to each other more than the professional himself.

Show your patients you are genuinely interested in their health and see how it turns up the customer headcount in your office within a month’s time.

Work Perfection

Perfecting your work is important as well. Just hoping for everyone to want a lollipop at the end of each session without actually getting a good dental treatment is silly. If someone is paying you – s/he expects good work from you.

People have a generalized notion that doctors and especially dentists make things worse for their clients before doing something to ensure their return. Why? Because the medical people just want to strip common people of their money in all ways possible. Change that notion. If you perfect your work – they would be coming back more than often. Make them trust you by giving them tips on a better oral health so that they don’t get more cavities.

Your staff reflects you!

The way your staff treats the customers is on you. If they can’t treat them respectfully that too is on you!

Teach your staff to be polite and concerned towards the patients rather than showcasing themselves as the president of the country i.e. a busy person. Be clear about this to your staff because they can easily put your reputation on the stakes.

Community Work

Open up your doors to community work and internships. This would build your following as someone who wishes to give back to the community as well as someone who wants to educate newbies and general audiences. Thus, you’d become someone who is humane as well as secure. Many won’t give such an opportunity to others especially in private practices because an increase in the number of good dentists creates more competition.

Moreover, community drives would help you feel more content with yourself as well as come out as a great way of catharsis. The feeling you get by helping others is that of true happiness.

Referral Bonuses & Incentives

Give incentives to your loyalty card holders. This is quite a common trend in the corporate world – when someone refers you to someone … offer them a free service. It could be as little as a no appointment policy for them to teeth whitening. Make packages and tell your patients that if they told their friends and family who actually turn up at your office – they’d get a referral bonus.

You can make a short form which includes the where did you hear about us section for every patient that comes to your clinic. Moreover, send holiday cards to your patients with a short-lived discount offer to enhance your revenues.

Beat the Heat

Beat your competition, by not just being better but also by offering the same treatments at a lesser price. If they are offering something at $45 – go ahead and offer the same thing in $43.99. The price would not be that low but it sure would be lower than your competition – which in turn would attract more people. Half the people who go shopping buy something for $44.99 when they have to compare it with $45 as a whole.

Use psychology to grow your patient count as well. In the end, it is on you how you go about the mentioned tips to your advantage. Most people already might know them but would not have an idea as to how they should implement them. The answer to that is going to professionals when it comes to something you aren’t sure of for advice and work. Investments are important for profits. The sooner you accept it the better. Best of luck, hope you have a good journey to the highest ladder of growth this year.

Contributed by uverse 450