How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths?

Most of the homemaker fear spring seasons because it is that time of the year when moths are all ready to attack wardrobe and damage clothing collection. One might need to put away some clothes for a long time because of change in season or there must be few clothes like your wedding attire which you wish to keep for eternity. Some clothes are well connected to our sentiments while others are expensive and are our best and favorite collection.Whatever may be the reason for hoarding, one definitely wants to see them in top condition whenever they go through them again.

Cloth moths are generally known as pests of stored woolen clothes. They feed on a wide range of fibers which include fur, silk, felt and feathers. They can cause significant damage to the stored clothes, bedding, floor covering and other articles. Cloth moths generally grow in dark areas like wardrobe or any closed trunk. They don’t like light and are so secretive that you’ll never see them. Damage to woolens is actually done by the larvae of the insect. Moth Larvae emerge within a few weeks and may cause damage for a couple of months. The damage caused by the cloth moths may consist of irregular holes.It is important to protect your clothes from moths. Here are few tips which may help you in storing your expensive clothes safe from moths for a long time.

Examine clothes for moth infestation

Before taking precaution, one must check if the clothes are already attacked by the moths. It is quite impossible to discover moths with naked eyes. Examine the stored woolen clothes, little holes and finding white thread-like cocoons on fabrics and inside the closets are the sign of moth infestation. Even if the clothes are not damaged, it is highly prescribed to take the precaution.

Keep things clean

One must deep clean the wardrobe as well as the clothes before storing them. The clothes moths are generally attracted by dirt, food spills and other attractive scents. Deep cleaning the clothes and the storage area will reduce the chances ofclothes moths attack.

Vacuum Frequently

Good housekeeping can help you in keeping pests at bay. Moth eggs can be hidden in carpet and under furniture but with thorough and routine vacuum everywhere you can remove them without even knowing it. Vacuuming also helps in removing moth eggs and larvae from carpets before they get the opportunity to hatch.

Use mothballs and moth crystals

Mothballs are an effective way to kill moths. They contain naphthalene, which is made from crude oil or coal tar and turns from a solid to a toxic gas. When the moths inhale it reacts with cells and break them down. Using mothballs in the storage and in the pockets of winter clothes will reduce the chances of moth infestation.

Store your clothes in an airtight container

Storing woolen clothes using vacuum sealing orziplock bags can be helpful. Additionally lining up space with anti-moth paper, cedar or mothballs make the clothes extra secure. Make sure the clothes are free from moths before storing. If the clothes already have eggs on it, they’ll hatch and damage the cloth as the airtight container can only keep new infestations from happening.