Are you looking to buy replace your car stereo? It is always important to look for the newest products on the market as these offer improved functionality. A good suggestion is a Bluetooth car stereo. It is not just about the sound, but most of these stereos come with a touch screen. This list should point you in the right direction of the best double DIN head unit

For once, a state-of-the-art car stereo will enhance the appearance of your dashboard. That is what somebody entering your car for the first time will notice. But don’t ignore the sound quality. Only that people will have different opinions as to what constitutes good sound quality. While you may need to hire an expert to install your car audio system, it is good if you look for a unit that is easy to install.

According to Bestazy, a bluetooth car radio is very beneficial to you the car owner? The following are some of the ways this state-of-the-art system will benefit you:


Safety is very important for every driver with a vehicle on the road. With a Bluetooth car stereo, it is easier for you to talk hands-free on your phone. You won’t have to remove your hands from the steering wheel so as to answer a call. Since you can talk as you drive, the likelihood of you getting involved in an accident will be very minimal.

Audio Streaming

Did you know that you can use your Bluetooth car stereo to download songs, audiobooks, and podcasts from the internet? In fact, listening to music becomes very easy with the Bluetooth. Even before your favorite song is released for sale officially, you will be listening to it while cruising down the road.

Data Tethering

Have you been subscribing to a radio service? If you have a car audio system with Bluetooth capabilities, simple tether data through your phone and stream all the songs you like. If anything, you will spend much less than what you would have paid while subscribing to the radio service.

Sharing Music

Whenever you have passengers in your car, you can share music with them by distributing the signal to other Bluetooth devices. Once the car stereo is paired with their devices you can share music between them. The passengers can share music to your Bluetooth car stereo too.

Hands-Free Texting

If you have a smartphone, you don’t have to read your messages yourself. The phone can read the message to you when you are busy driving. In the same way, you can dictate to the phone a message you would like to send. Thanks to the Bluetooth car radio, you can listen to your messages through the speakers as you keep driving.

Protection against Theft

Car stereo systems are some of the most attractive things to steal in a vehicle. Luckily most of these radios come with detachable faceplates. That way, you can be sure you will find everything intact when you come back to your car.

If you haven’t bought a Bluetooth car stereo it is time you got one. It will serve you in many ways than just giving you a great sound.