The evolution of internet has bestowed us with enormous means of enjoyment that we can utilize at any point of time. The availability of media platforms is one of such amazing invention. There are many media platforms that deliver countless entertainment via movies, web series or other things.

Netflix is one of the renowned media platforms that is being used in almost all sorts of digital devices like Apple TV, iPad, Xbox, PS4 and many other gaming consoles. All you need is a high-speed internet connection for uninterrupted entertainment. But, everything on this globe encompasses some issues. Similarly,  there are some issues most of the Netflix users encounter. All the issues let you stuck in the middle of any movie. In short, the issues really annoy the user.

So, today we are going to discuss some of the common Netflix issues and how to overwhelm them in the best possible way.

Netflix Connection Problems:

Many users face connection problem with their Netflix. The best way to check the internet connection is to open other websites. If they are easy to open, there might be some issue with the Netflix. To resolve this, restart your device. With this, also restart the WiFi/cellular network and try again. If the problem still persists, re-install the Netflix app to bring default connectivity settings.

In many cases, when the user tries to bypass the geolocation methods, unblocker or proxy is used. In such cases, the user faces Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059. To get rid of this issue, avoid using any proxy or VPNs.

Streaming Quality Issues:

The streaming issue is one of the most annoying phases that cause low-quality videos. Streaming issues are the result of bad quality video streaming or low buffer rate. Poor connectivity is a big reason behind low-quality streaming. You can check the internet speed via different online websites. If the internet is working OK, restart your device. If you still find the issue, restart your Router/Modem and try again. Most of the time, due to long time usage, the router/modem starts overheating, resulting in hang situation.

Error 1011 and 1012:

Both these issues are limited to smartphones. If you are using iPhone or Android devices and you are facing any of the two error codes, you need to restart the Netflix application in your mobile. The common technique to resolve this issue is to clear the Cache from your phone and restart the application again.

Error Code 1016 and 12001:

On one hand where error code 1016 is faced by iPhone and iPad users, on the other hand, the error code 12001 is faced by Android users. Both these issues generally occur due to outdated data stored in your device. The best way to resolve these issues in iPhone/Android is to clear your device cache followed by removing other data on your device.

These are the common issues being faced by most of the Netflix users. If you are also facing one of the above-given issues, do follow the instructions and overwhelm the issue for uninterrupted entertainment.