You know the sort of years when most of the movies that came out are supposedly similar in a way or another? At least the ones that are most talked about are. It’s like the industry chooses a genre for each year and we all tend to enjoy it too. This year was different, however. This year was a bit of a balance between the genres we had thriller, mystery, comedy and even heart wrenching romantic oh and let’s not forget how in the season InSatiable they try to portray that we humans are unable to just have enough of anything. Once we get something we want more – it’d either be different or same – but we definitely want more of it. It’s just how we are born – with an innate desire. Even the psychology term ‘id’ supports the idea. ID is the level of consciousness that makes us want and desire all the good and bad things and sometimes when it is too strong we are unable to follow the society’s teachings or rules. What am I trying to say is – that no matter if it’s food, love, or entertainment (check uverse tv) we want to make the most out of anything we get so why not focus on the best ones right away?

This year we had great movies and here’s a list of the best ones so far. You totally need to watch them – they are, however, my favorite alongside many – you can totally add anything else to the list too J

Action Movies

This year we had a lot of action movies coming at us like a pro – personally, I like action movies more than thrillers. But then again that’s just me.

Avengers: Infinity Wars

Avengers has been an all-time favorite and that isn’t just because of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans or Scarlett Johnson. Personally, I believe that this part of the series focuses on the creating a fictional world. Its problems tend to overlap the original ones like the lack of resources or population control and people thinking they are maintaining balance even if it made them the bad guy. Thanos did not want to see anyone in pain but instead, he just wanted the universe to prosper and not die like his own species. The movie showcases a fault in judgment for the greater good and that is one of the reasons everyone should watch it and have their own perspective on it.

Mission Impossible – Fallout

Fallout was worth watching especially since Rouge Nation was totally out of context at certain points. While viewers (yes, me too) were disappointed at the vagueness of the previous part – this one totally won us all back due to a well-defined storyline. Although – like always it’s a friend over the world thing. Save your friends or keep the bombs – obviously, Tom had to save his friend. The world could be saved any other day too, right? *Sarcasm intended*

Black Panther

Black Panther played a vital role in highlighting the culture of Wakanda, Africa. Pretty much like Batman or let’s say Spiderman – the protagonist did not have any supernatural powers until he becomes king. The story isn’t based on round characters instead most of them are evolving and there’s a fine line between the protagonist and antagonist.

Deadpool 2

Yes, the movie is filled with wit and laughs but it’s pretty much the same as Deadpool one – do you know what that means? Power packed movie filled with action and swearing. Haha.

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

I literally loved one of their dialogues – they used it in the trailer too.

“How would you define terrorism? The current definition is, “Any individual or group that uses violence to achieve the political goal.” 

If you think about it – that is exactly what happens, no? I usually don’t watch action crime thrillers but this one was worth every minute of the screen time. The storytelling is also more eloquent and solid than the previous part.

Thriller Movies

Suspense, mystery, horror, and anxiety – not everyone is a fan of thrillers but those who are – this is the right place for you.


While many tend to debate that annihilation is more of sci-fi horror movie – it has elements of a thriller to a greater extent – mostly because it has everything be it action, heightened the sense of surprise and oh the goosebumps too. Thus, in my opinion, it is more of a science fiction thriller waiting to crawl into the audience’s dreams for days.

A Quiet Place

Another movie thought of as a sci-fi horror when it’s more of a thriller. The movie is left open-ended for most while many would obviously think the end to it is the death of all. The settings are post-apocalyptic and not everyone with a weak heart can watch this. Why? Because it would make your heart beat too fast and that too not in a good way.

Red Sparrow

Okay so, in all honesty, I watched it because I am a hunger games fan – but then I fell in love with this one as well. Without a doubt, whenever it comes to portraying Russian characters – they make sure they are presented well-fit not just in clothes but instead everything they do. It’s like Russia is the base camp you go to for training. It’s full of women power and takes you on quite a journey. The movie suggests how women can bring wrath to all if pissed off.

The First Purge

I have been in love with the purge series ever since they started. It brings out the truth about the so-called humanity – if given a chance anyone and everyone would go about killing the other person for as little as a candy bar. Humanity has been super overrated – because we are born with an ID – our first impulses are selfish and revolving around us only. The ego and superego are induced later on into us – and if we don’t have better mentors – anyone can fall into dark patterns. Thus, in purge when the government announces that there is no law for a night – the true nature of humans comes out to be. The movie basically tells us how we all need to have laws and be under a watch – ironically … who’s watch are the ones watching us?

The Girl in the Spider’s Web

So this movie hasn’t been released yet but I am hoping it would be just as amazing as its first part i.e. The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. It is a crime thriller and yes you guessed it – the story revolves around a girl. The movie has loyalty but also betrayals – good yet bad. A total yin and yang sort of a movie, tbh.

Horror Movies

Everyone loves horror, right? No, they don’t. Lol. Two of my friends just can’t watch horror movies – oh wait I just remembered two more. And it is not even just boys or just girls – it’s the same for all. It’s their choice but what’s yours?

Slender Man

A teenage horror inspired by the previous part – slender man comes back to terrify and torture you all. It’s funny how slender man originally came to picture from a meme making competition. People, however, took it so seriously it went viral and a lot of incidents occurred in reality that put us to questioning if the slender man was after all real.

Slender man, Slender man, all the children try to run,

Slender man, Slender man, to him its part of the fun,

Slender man, Slender man, dressed in dark his suit and tie,

Slender man, Slender man, you most will certainly die…

Yeah – don’t chant this in the middle of the woods unless you want to summon him. :3

The Nun

So we all remember the demon named Valack that comes as a nun in the conjuring, right? This is the story about that very Valack – that very nun. The movie tends to raise and shatter questions in the name of religion and all that is horror. In ancient mythology, however, they represent Valack as a child with angel wings riding a two-headed dragon.

The movie isn’t out yet – but I am sure it will give us all quite some goosebumps especially because in the myths Valack is defined as the Grand President of Hell!


After 40 years at least, Laurie’s brother escapes the prison and is coming back for her. However, this time – she is ready for him. Or so they show in the trailer – but would she actually win this time? Guess we’d just have to wait till October to actually find out.

The Strangers: Prey at Night

If you have seen The Hills have Eyes then you might find a similarity between that movie and this one. Cannibals, trip, family – survival, pretty much the same, ain’t it? Despite that, the film still raised way more than its actual budget on the box office. It was a horror indeed but I don’t have much of an opinion on it yet. I kinda saw it just last night so it’s too early for me to talk over it. :p


It’s easy to save yourself from the world at times but how do you protect yourself from your own self? This haunting and ghastly movie revolves around a family that is possessed by a higher power. The family members end up getting themselves killed by other or themselves unconsciously only to end up wiping off their whole family tree. It is after all that they inherited. They are bound to die.

Sci-fi Movies

Solo – A Star Wars Story

Star Wars has been around as old as time itself. It’s like growing up in a world of sci-fi with the help of star wars itself. This movie like all others takes us on a journey so amazing we’d probably end up making more groups about star wars on social media sites.

Ready Player One

Gamers would love this movie especially if they have ever thought of the gaming industry ruling the world. The movie is based on how one strives to feel better and complete only when they are able to do everything – which happens in Utopia. Their utopian world is called Oasis, however, and all the people go there to do what they want to by being a virtual character. It’s all fun and games until it becomes a real war and isn’t constricted to the virtual world.

Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom

Save the whales, the environment, the pandas – basically, we have a lot of “save the” movements. In this movie, it’s time for them to save the dinosaurs. Do they actually save the dinosaurs or end up meeting the same fate as any human did in previous movie series of the Jurassic park?

I can’t tell you that but this movie is highly addictive and filled with breathtaking moments.

Pacific Rim Uprising

I watched Pacific Rim mostly because I love transformers, the first time. But oh my god, do they take you to a whole new level of robots and monsters!! It’s obviously not a surprise that this one was just as much of a hit as the previous parts. One thing that people are debating on quite a lot is that this part loses Del Toro’s vision to an extent. Honestly, I for one have no idea about the man so I’d have to do an extensive research before coming to such a conclusion. For now, I just know that it rocks.

Alita: Battle Angel

The story is based in a futuristic world and revolves around a girl who lost herself. She is found in a scrap yard by a doctor who fixes her up. The movie is about her journey to discover yet again herself and the past – many obstacles and her own savior (doctor) stand in the way of it, however.


Bohemian Rhapsody

If you are a fan of music itself – this is the movie for you. Just like 1 direction’s Zayn Malik – Freddy Mercury leaves his band Queen in pursuit of a solo career. He gets sick and faces failure and finds his way back to the band. Something we all hoped for 1D too. No, no, not for them to fail but for them to get back together. The movie is based on a true story and about one of the greatest bands in the history of time itself.

Eight Grade

Every now and then we come across a person who is very quiet. Keeps to himself and doesn’t really talk publicly. This story is for all such people. It shows a new perspective and the crucial blows of our education system. Yes, it is a teenage movie but it throws light on the fact that we can’t expect people to be like us all the time. We are all different and we all need to love ourselves just as we are.

A Star is born

The story revolves around performing artists basically singers who find their way inter-wined together quite closely yet being on a separate journey. While Ally struggles to achieve her dream of being a big star Jackson has his own demons to fight off. However, they both make each other feel lighter whenever things get hard.

Mary Queen of Scots

The movie would be coming out in December. Due to my interest in literature and reading about both Elizabeth as well as Mary – I already know what the British think of Mary. The movie, however, shows how men tend to get baffled when it comes down to watching women being better friends and not at each other’s throats. Politics has long been a part of the human nature and that’s exactly what the movie would show.


If you liked Quantico – you would surely love this movie as well. Just as Priyanka is framed in Quantico; Dwayne Johnson is in this movie. First, he worked with her – now has a similar movie … see any connections here? Anyway, the movie is filled with wit, sarcasm and cool FBI swag. I liked it to quite an extent.

P.S, the list doesn’t have the Fantasy, Comedy or Romance genre included for now. Those movies are for another time, another blog 😉 I know not everyone likes to read.