A country with endless opportunities:

While Indonesia is a very popular moving and travel destination for people from North America and Europe, with the increase in number of Asian people travelling and relocating within Asia, the country is getting a very popular travelling and moving destination for Japanese people as well. Nowadays a large number of Indonesian people are moving to Japan, especially young generation, to work or to study Japanese or attend universities in Japan. Although the number is much smaller, there are people who are moving from Japan to Indonesia as well. It is not surprising that some Japanese people choose Indonesia as their international moving destination. Indonesia is the country with the fourth most citizens of all countries on the planet. In this sense Japan and Indonesia have a similarity. That population is spread over 17,000 islands. However, most Japanese people, when they think of Indonesia, associate that country with Bali. Nevertheless, there are many other extraordinary tourist attractions in this country which should certainly receive the attention of the international travelers and people who move there. One of those attractions is Komodo national Park which is home to the Komodo dragon. This is apparently the closest creature to the prehistoric dinosaur which is living today and Komodo dragons is also the largest of the lizard family. This is very fierce creatures and they are very popular among residents and also travelers. These creatures will occasionally attack humans and therefore great care should be taken when visiting them in their natural habitat. It is always best to visit those areas in the presence of a professional wildlife Ranger. Nevertheless, visiting those areas is most definitely an extraordinary and a memorable experience and therefore it should not be missed.

Glorious beaches:

Water sport is very popular both among residents of Indonesia and also among visitors from Japan and elsewhere. There are some extraordinary beaches which is providing people with all the water that they will need to satisfy all their water sporting fantasies. Many Japanese people come to Indonesia especially to snorkel and that is because approximately 20% of the coral reefs of the planet is found among those islands. They are also snorkeling packages both for beginners and also for advanced snorkelers. Absolutely everyone is fully accommodated and there is really no need to leave this country without experiencing everything which there is to do. For those people who might not have their own snorkeling gear, they should know that there are many places where such equipment can be hired and therefore there is no reason to miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. There are many old shipwrecks among the islands which is very popular snorkeling destinations and exploring the shipwrecks can be an extraordinary experience. Once again it is important to be accompanied by professionals who know the area and who are properly trained to deal with any situation.

Culinary treasure house

There are some Japanese people who prefer to only eat those things properly acquainted but for the more adventurous Japanese travelers and people who have moved to the country, they should know that the food in Indonesia compares very well with food which can be obtained in Japan. It can take several days and even weeks for people to work through the entire Indonesian menu. There are many things to try out such as satay which could be either chicken or lamb but there is also nasi goreng which is basically a rice plate with which several other foods can be eaten such as vegetables, fried eggs and also several types of meat.

They eat rice in Indonesia so perhaps this is a good point for Japanese people who also eat rice back home. There are also some very tasty sauces such as sambal sauce which is very popular both among residents and also among visitors. There are far too many things which is extraordinary about Indonesia and therefore it is impossible to mention all of them here but there can be no doubt that Indonesia has a lot to offer both to residents and also to international visitors.