The Back to School season is one of the best times for app developers to create real value within families. Students and parents are dealing with the transition, and any app that can ease the discomfort has a great chance to succeed. Your audience does not even have to be the demographic that is directly participating in the back to school season. You can use the season simply to create relevant content that your users will find entertaining. That content can then drive them to the appropriate part of your app to increase conversions or grab information.

Here are three ways that you can direct your in-app messaging around the start of the school year to increase engagement with your app – even if your app has nothing to do with the back to school season directly.

Relevant, Timely Messaging

There was an example of a banking app that made a relevant offer to parents with school-age kids. As parents were moving throught the accounts section, the app gave a certain message to them if they met the demographic and behavioral criteria to receive it. The message prompted parents to start a college fund for the kids, which would be top of mind to those parents as they prepared those kids to go back to school.

Making Your Messages Fun

You may not even have students or parents as your primary demographic during the Back to School season. However, you can still capitalize on the season as one streaming app was able to do. The app asked its users questions to prompt their users to reminisce about their favorite coming of age school movie. This survey was highly successful in using the season to engage people who were not necessarily engaged in it directly.

Leading Users to Solutions

In order to create a relevant experience for your user, it is up to the app to lead the user to the right place. This is also an important aspect for the users, because you cannot assume that everything about your app is self explanatory. The push notification, when properly used, is a great way to create a shortcut to move your app user to the right place. One savvy retailer used the push notification quite handily by putting all of their best back to school deals in one place. The app then directed users to the collection with a timely push notification to a direct landing page. Users saved time finding deals and gained immediate satisfaction during the back to school season.

Regardless of the industry that your app works in, you can use the seasons around you to generate interest and create relevant content. The examples above will give you a leg up on creating messages that your audience will appreciate whether or not they are directly involved in the back to school craze.