“home is where the heart is,” true that. But what makes the home most admirable is the small things that make our life easier. With the technology evolving every year, our living style and standards have improved amazingly. Every year you should have a look at the appliances that can make your life much better and easier. This year too came with some fantastic and jaw-dropping things, that seems to be straight out of your dreams. So, why waste time and let’s get started with the list.

1. Mug warmers

Believe me; life is too short to have crap coffee. The best thing about winter is coffee, coffee and again coffee. But the worst part is that it gets cold in no time and if your coffee is not hot enough and you do not feel the warmth in your soul when you do not feel the warmth in your soul when you drink it, then what’s the whole point. You get all cozy in the blankets, with the book that you love but then you take a sip out of the coffee, but it is cold as snow, this is a mood killer, isn’t it? Well, the best part is that there are self-heating mugs available and you can get them at really low cost.

2. Water flossers

When the question is “water flossers”? The answer is hell yeah. In my whole life, I have never met a person who doesn’t hate flossing. It is so time taking, that I would rather prefer to get cavities then going through the killing process of flossing. Well! Good news for you is that now water flossers are now available. These flossers spray water into your teeth, and then they are clean as new. So, now stop worrying and eat away whatever you have been delaying because of your teeth problems. This will also reduce your visits to the dentists. You can buy these off from Amazon or the near drug store.   

3. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaners are the revolution that we all have been waiting for. Imagine being able to clean anything, with worrying about the need for connectivity and cord getting in your way, even thinking about it is such a relief. The best part is that it comes with several brushes, which help in cleaning according to the material you are trying to clean out. These are also smart vacuum cleaners and have the function to stop after they are done the cleaning automatically.

4. Air fryers

To the foodies here, get all ears because this might concern you. Being a foodie, I know the only dream is to eat and eat and eat and never get fat. Well, now you can have that by sir fryers that have almost 80% less fat in all the fired items. Yes, you are thinking right, from now on you are going to stay in shape and eat the food that is good on your tongue.

5. Blenders for frozen items

Frozen smoothies and shakes are little drops of heaven. With the summers approaching what else can you ask for? You might be thinking that, when your old blender can do that, why buy another one? The old blenders blades wore out real fast. They won’t even last after some shakes, and your blender will start leaking. But with these blenders with extra sharp blades, you can make as many frozen drinks as you want. They are specifically designed for this purpose. Also with the techniques that are used in it, you will never find fruit lumps, everything is crushed finely.