The concept of Artificial Intelligence can at once cause awe and horror. It summons thoughts of world domination by robots, world wars and human erosion to the point of total obliteration. 

That is not the case. A.I., at least at the moment, is not a threat. Quite from the contrary: it is a power we can harness in order to move to the next stage of our evolution. 

Although it can be applied to pretty much every aspect of human life, today we’ll focus on the use of A.I. in devices for home cleaning, i.e. robotized vacuum cleaners and other similar apparatuses. 

The proof 

There’s absolutely no doubt that Artificial Intelligence can indeed be implemented into home cleaning devices. All you have to do is take a look at a comparison of iRobot Roomba models and see for yourself. 

iRobot has already produced robotized vacuum cleaners, or robovacs, as they are fondly called. Neato Robotics, Electrolux and other companies also created such products. 

The iRobot Brava, for instance, is a robot that mops your floors. There are also robotized pool cleaners like the Dolphin Nautilus. The main downside about all of these is their price. 

Due to the insanely high price, not many people are able to purchase them. This is due to the fact that they are not mass-produced yet. Go back to the iRobot Roomba models comparison and you will see that the price fluctuates, but is ultimately too high. 

The future 

This is just the beginning. These are not necessarily endowed with genuine A.I., since they still require some maintenance and manual handling sometimes. 

Considering the outstanding speed with which technology evolves, it’s just a matter of years until self-cleaning robots become available worldwide. A.I. will be applied to everything, not only to home cleaning. 

With home cleaning being the most “affordable” working ground for researchers of robotics and A.I., though, I think it’s safe to say that this is the field that will enjoy the full extent of robotized, automatized and/or computerized power before all others do.  

Elon Musk, one of the personalities of the 21st century that is obsessed with technological progress announced he’s willing to create a house-cleaning robot. It’s much easier to do this than colonize Mars, we can all agree to that. 

The main idea is: A.I. can not only be implemented in home cleaning, but it is detrimental to it; it’s less likely that we’ll go to the moon on vacation but still sweep our houses with wooden brooms. 

Concluding remarks 

A.I., whether we like it or not, is the future of everything, you name it. Society will be revolutionized when enough progress has been made on this power. So the question here should be: “Can A.I. be added to home cleaning more than it already is?” 

The answer in this case is “Yes” again. This is 1% of what we managed to do with A.I. in respect with home cleaning at the moment. The remaining 99% is yet to come.