As you begin a new year, rather than getting caught up in resolutions and winter weather, take a few minutes to reflect on the past festive season. Now is the time to make note of the best and worse of Christmas so you can make next year’s festive season even better.



There is nothing like a kitchen full of visitors to make you realize ways your home could be better organized. From storage for your Christmas ornaments to keeping your kitchen neat during the festive baking season, you probably noticed every shortcoming of your home and storage strategies. If you don’t tackle this problem now, you’ll spend next Christmas regretting it. Act now while you remember what needs to be done. Get yourself organized with an assortment of storage containers and school name tags. Each member of your family can even have their own year-round storage areas, clearly labelled with school name tagsto keep everyone on track. Now is also a good time to dispose of anything you don’t need, want, or use. Broken ornaments, scraps of wrapping papers, and crushed bows can all be disposed of in order to make room for the items you do want.

Family Traditions

The festive season seems to start earlier each year with ornaments for sale by July and Christmas music playing in shopping malls by October. Once we get caught up in the season, it can be hard to have a moment to catch up, much less take time to reflect. Now is the time to think about your favourite parts of the season and if anything didn’t work. Is it time for a family tradition to be retired? Sometimes the traditions of the past no longer fit as children grow up and our interests change. It could be time to start a new tradition, instead. By the same token, does it seem like your celebrations could be better? You could plan now to start a new event to your family’s schedule for next year. It is never too late to start a family tradition.


If you want to add to your decorations or refresh your home’s look for the festive season, now is the perfect time. Check out the after-Christmas sales for great prices on lights and other decorations. Then organize them and pack them away for next year. This can also be a great time to buy Christmas cards on sale. Not only will you save money, you’ll have one less thing to do to get ready for next Christmas.


The festive season is the time when usually more is better. Looking back, were there people you wish you had seen more of during the festivities? In the frenzy of shopping, parties, and school event, think about if you missed out on spending time with people who are important to you or if you tried to do too many things with too many people. By taking a hard look now, you can strategize for how to do things better. Maybe next time you want to start out seeing the people you care about earlier to make up for not having enough time once the festive season reaching its peak. At the same time, you might realize that one more Christmas fighting with your drunk uncle will be one too many.

Regardless of what you decide, now is the time to put in some thought so your next Christmas season will be the best, yet.