There are very few places in the world that can leave a mark on you. But over the hills, surrounded by fog and located in the northern tip of California is one such city.

San Francisco offers a bit of everything to the hungry traveller, and if you’re planning on visiting this multicultural city, then here are some of the top things that you should definitely try out and see.

1. Take A Selfie with the Painted Ladies

Now, when we say ladies, we don’t mean literally. Rather, we’re referring to the famous and picturesque Victorian houses that have been around since the 1960s and are still found in Alamo Square. These charming rows of pastel-coloured houses are important pieces to American architecture and pop culture. It’s also served as the backdrop for popular movies such as Mrs. Doubtfire and Just Like Heaven.  So, grab a piece of history and make your social media feed pop by posting a photo of you with these ladies.

2. Try a Segway Tour

There are many ways to discover and get around San Francisco: there’s the cable car; the double-decker bus; and the usual boat ride. But if you want to discover the sights and sounds of San Francisco in a unique and memorable way, then you might want to consider booking a Segway tour.  They’re a lot lighter on the pocket, not to mention, way more fun to ride. If you’re travelling with family and friends, this is guaranteed to be one tour they’ll remember!

3. Satisfy Your Food Craving at The Ferry Building Marketplace

This public food market has anything that your taste buds could possibly desire. From classic American burgers to Mexican quesadillas and freshly caught seafood, the Ferry Building Marketplace is undoubtedly ever foodie’s paradise. If you’re looking to avoid long lines, be sure to avoid going on weekends.

4. Visit Muir Woods National Monument

If you have penchant for hiking among the beauty of nature, then you will definitely love taking a stroll amidst the tall trees of Redwood Forest. Experience the tranquility and stillness that come with being surrounded by nature’s most magnificent creations. Take note however that there’s no cellphone reception or WIFI near the national monument, so if updating your social media feed will have to wait.

5. Revisit the Past at the Presidio

If you love your history with a bit of action then you’ll appreciate visiting San Francisco’s former military base, Presidio. Considered a historical landmark, this park provides a great view of both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. It also offers a bit of respite from the busy streets of the city which is a welcome distraction for the weary traveler.

Whatever you decide to do, any of these activities are sure to delight you when you visit the city of San Francisco. Just remember not to wait too long to discover new places and take more unforgettable adventures!